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About us

Salt Lake City Florist Company is your destination for a friendly and engaging shopping experience in Salt Lake City. Our full service floral department is committed to providing beautiful floral arrangements and the finest cut flowers, backed by service that is prompt and professional. Salt Lake City Florist Company is the place to go if you want to send gorgeous flowers and arrangements to your loved ones!

Delivery Information

Salt Lake City Florist DeliveryOrders placed with our Company are delivered During Regular Business Hours on the day you select delivery. NO DELIVERY IS OFFERED ON SUNDAYS OR LEGAL GOVERNMENT HOLIDAYS.  While we attempt to deliver all orders placed in a timely manner, We cannot be “time specific” on any delivery. If you should require a specific time, it can be arranged through an outside delivery courier for additional delivery fees.  You would need to call us to arrange for this type of service. INCLEMENT WEATHER and slick roads will effect the time it takes to make your delivery. Those flowers ordered for delivery to Businesses will be made prior to the business closing.

It is paramount that You provide the correct delivery address, complete with apartment number building number & or suite number and in the case of a business, the business name.  Incomplete delivery addresses, wrong delivery addresses and typo errored delivery addresses will carry additional delivery fees, or in the event of cancellation, cancellation & delivery fees apply. It can also delay getting the delivery to your recipient in a timely manner.

 AIRPORT:  We cannot make deliveries to the airport, as security will not allow us access.

 FUNERALS:  We must have the name of the deceased to make the delivery.  We cannot locate funerals using friends or family member’s names. Additionally funeral orders will be delivered to the specific funeral as long as your order is placed at least 3 hours prior to the viewing or funeral service. 

 GATED COMMUNITIES and Buildings:  In order for a delivery to be made, we must have access codes to enter the community or building, and a workable phone number.

 HOSPITALS:  When placing an order for a patient in the hospital, the hospital will require the patients LEGAL NAME, or the name under which the patient was admitted. ICU (intensive care) patients are not permitted to receive deliveries. We cannot deliver to waiting rooms, or same day surgery patients.  The  patient must have a regular room assigned to them in order to receive a flower delivery.  LATEX BALLOONS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN ANY AREA HOSPITALS.  If your order is for a Hospital Employee or Staff Member, be certain that you indicate this in the address, along with the department they work in.

 HOTELS:  In order to make delivery to a guest at a hotel, we must have the name of the registered guest.  This is required whether the person is registered or staying in a room with another person.  The registered guest’s name is what is required in all instances. If the order is for an employee or staff member, please indicate so in the address, along with the department they work in.

LDS WARD HOUSES or Locked Churches:  The church must be open during regular business hours for a Funeral Delivery to be made.  Locked churches and inaccessible delivery areas at churches prevent our delivery personnel from getting access to make the delivery.

POST OFFICE BOXES:  Postal Boxes and Student Boxes are not considered an adequate delivery address.  The post office will not accept a flower delivery to a post office box.

SCHOOLS: If placing an order for a student attending an elementary, middle, or high school, make certain that the school will accept flower delivery for students.  Many in the area will only accept flower delivery for Staff Members and Teachers but not students. Be sure to indicate in the address whether the recipient is a student or staff member, along with the grade and or department.

SKI RESORTS:  We do not accept orders for delivery to any of the Ski Resort or Canyon areas.  These areas are normally impassable many times and commercial traffic is prohibited during many business hour times.

Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Christmas- On orders 2 days prior to these holidays, delivery trucks are running at full capacity and specific delivery times cannot be guaranteed.  Deliveries to business addresses will be made prior to the business closing.  Delivery Hours on these days extend into the early evening.

Cancellation Fees:  Once you place an order, and credit cards are processed, and the order enters our system, should you decide to cancel the order, there will be a $12.95 cancellation fee charged out.