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Salt Lake City Florist Company is your destination for a friendly and engaging shopping experience in Salt Lake City. Our full service floral department is committed to providing beautiful floral arrangements and the finest cut flowers, backed by service that is prompt and professional. Salt Lake City Florist Company is the place to go if you want to send gorgeous flowers and arrangements to your loved ones!

True Local Florist in Salt Lake City

True Local Florist in Salt Lake City

2nd Oct 2018

Are you looking for a local Florist in Salt Lake City.  Not one that says they are local on the internet, but truly has a building in with coolers and flowers and plants where you can walk in if you want to. Not those that are located in New York or California that has a listing in every city in the nation that they are local.  These plces are known as order harvesters.  They sell the flower order to you for say 65 dollars, then take about 20 dollars off for there service and send the balance to a florist in the city you want it to. For your full order value in Salt Lake City, call us or order online here.  We are local.  You will get every dollar you spend in flowers without a bunch being taken off as a fee. or call our shop at 801-983-9200  Truly a local florist in Salt Lake City.